Why Is Black Clover So Underrated? – Let’s Discuss!

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For anyone who has watched the anime series Black Clover and came to absolutely love it like me, some doubts arise in my mind. Like any other popular shounen anime, black clover, to be really honest, has it all. It has, first of all, absolutely mind-blowing opening songs, with each and every opening song surpassing the other. The show has outstanding voice actors, and the characters are more than lovable; they over time become fan favorites and part of the black clover family. However, one of the most striking things about the show is definitely it’s the unique, scary, and fantastic plot that I personally feel people do not appreciate as much.

The studio pierrot, which has released animes like Bleach and Naruto, did an absolutely wonderful job animating the black clover series.  The anime series, which has released 170 episodes so far and is currently on a break, is by far one of the most unique, entertaining, and absolutely thrilling anime when it comes to fighting and overall plot. However, the sales of the manga, which are pretty impressive, are not as remarkable as other series like Tokyo revengers and jujutsu kaisen, even though the anime and the manga is by no means superior.


Now let’s take a look at the numbers to find out what we’re really talking about. In 2021, the manga of the series had over 17 million copies in circulation, even though it is in one of its most notable and crucial arcs: the spade kingdom arc. Meanwhile, Tokyo revengers are clocking more than 40 million in sales and baffling everyone by breaking one record after another, even though for me personally, the plot of Tokyo revengers is a bit shallow.

Although I’m not comparing the two animes by any means being a fan of both the shows, one thing that constantly baffles me is how good black clover is and how less popular is it as compared to other shounen animes, which it surpasses not only in the story but also the character likability. So the main question that arises is Why? Why is black clover still not selling as much as it should? Let’s look at certain factors that I think are essential to understanding this dilemma.

The Series Is A Bit Slow In The Start


Anyone who has watched the complete anime series of black clover would know that the series is a bit bumpy at the start. For ex-, after Asta and Yuno get into their respective royal knights, their missions are kind of dull, and the fights are also not quite impressive. However, after the 34th episode, when Licht, the leader of the eye of the midnight sun, appears and we see Yami and his fight, that is when things really start to get interesting. However, for most of the people out there, waiting so long for the series to get interesting can be quite boring.

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The MC Grows On You Over Time


I think anyone who has watched shows like Naruto and Bleach fell in love with their main characters – Naruto and Kurosaki Ichigo from the start. However, the MC of black clover Asta takes his sweet time to grow on you. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love asta to the core, but in the start, he was kind of boring, and his voice was kind of annoying. However, throughout the series, we see Asta grow as a person, especially with the introduction of the anti-magic bird Nero, with Asta becoming more cuter and delightful than ever.

The Fights Aren’t As Great In The Start

The testament of a great shounen anime comes not only from its characters and the plot but especially from their fights and how engaging and scary they are. Although black clover has definitely some of the greatest battles in the shounen anime industry, these battles do take their sweet time in arriving.

Black Bulls Vs. Letto

For example – the first great fight that arrives is when the captain of black bulls, Yami Sukehiro, fights the leader of the eye of the midnight sun Licht, and after that, things mellow down a bit. However, we do see some fights that aren’t, unfortunately, as impressive. The next great war, which I feel is one of the best in the entire series, is between The entire black bulls Vs. the top 3 of the ey of the midnight sun Vetto. However, we get to see this fight a long time after the initial one, which can make the viewers believe that the poor quality fights are the only ones they’re going to see, and out of impatience, they drop out from completing the series.

Lack Of Time


One of the most important reasons why maybe black clover isn’t as widespread as other shounen animes is definitely because, as we mentioned before, it is a bit slow as compared to other animes. Whereas other animes are finger gripping right from the start, black clover is an in-depth story with a lot of backbone and takes time to get from becoming good-better-excellent.


No matter how underrated the black Clover series might be, In my opinion, I still feel that it is by far one of the best shounen anime of all time, and everyone out there with a flair to watch something unique, funny, engaging, and scary should not miss out on this ingenious series!



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