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Jija Sali Viral Video: The groom did something in a fun-filled gathering with the bride that the bride got very angry and the eyes of the guests present there were torn apart.

Jija Sali Ka Video: People get to see fun and jokes in marriage. Various planning is done to make weddings colorful and memorable. In this environment, sometimes there is laughter and sometimes there are fights and fights. Meanwhile, such a video of brother-in-law has come to the fore, in which the bride gets angry after seeing the groom’s actions.

The bride got angry at the groom’s actions

It is common for Indian weddings to be a riot. A video is doing the rounds on the internet. In which the strange behavior of the groom with his sister-in-law has come to the fore. Seeing this video going viral on social media, it seems that since when the groom was waiting for this moment and as soon as he got the opportunity, he did it with his sister in front of the bride. By watching this video going viral on social media, you yourself will understand the whole matter.

Watch the video..

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The groom had to show the swag in front of the bride

After watching the video, you must have understood the whole matter. The groom did this to the bride’s sister in front of everyone without caring about anyone, which would make anyone angry. The groom was showing swag, but the bride got angry. He did this scandal in front of everyone.

Everyone was celebrating happiness in the atmosphere of marriage. The groom reaches the bride’s house with the procession. Everything was going well that in Jaimal Ceremony, the bride and groom stand on the stage to garland each other. In the meantime, the groom was about to wear the garland to the bride when he suddenly changes his direction and puts the same garland around the neck of the bride’s sister, that is, his sister-in-law.

The bride turned red with anger due to the groom’s scandal

As soon as the groom put a jaimala around the sister-in-law’s neck, everyone was surprised to see this. During this, the bride’s face was worth seeing. She turned red with anger and the eyes of the guests present there were torn apart. Soon after this the groom started jumping in joy.

The bride was shocked by this act of the groom. This funny video has also been uploaded on Instagram on account named its.chiku_. However, looking at the video, it is understood that this is just a prank video. Millions of people have seen it till now.

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