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Viral Video: A video has been shared on social media from the Twitter account of Delhi Police, in which it has been told that it is very important to use a helmet while riding a bike on the road.

Accident Viral Video: Often caution should be taken while driving on the road. Accidents on the road cannot be predicted. In such a situation, any person can become a victim of an accident after taking any precautions while walking on the road. Every state and district police in the country continues to run awareness campaigns regarding this.

In recent times, due to the inclination of people towards social media, the police force has also been seen on social media appealing people to tread carefully on the road. Sharing a video on Twitter, Delhi Police has appealed to wear a helmet while riding a bike.

Video going viral

Actually this video is of a road accident, which explains why we should be careful while riding a bike and how important it is to use a helmet. A car can be seen in the video, which is parked on the side of the road. Due to the sudden movement of the car, the bike rider coming from behind at a very high speed is unable to handle himself and collides with the car.

No damage due to helmet

After this, the bike rider falls on the ground and drags it for a long distance. Although wearing a helmet, he does not suffer much serious injury and stands up. Meanwhile, after the bike collided with a pole, it is seen falling directly on the bike rider’s head.

Two lives saved in 7 seconds

As soon as this happens, once again the person riding the bike falls on the ground. At the same time, due to wearing a helmet, he is saved again this time. In this way, that person is seen beating death twice in just 7 seconds. At present, this campaign of Delhi Police is being seen to have a positive effect. Users are seen talking about being careful while walking on the road.

Why is it important to choose a right helmet?

Wearing a helmet is not where the war ends – one needs to opt for a headgear that fits well, has proper cushioning and is strong enough to resist impact. Take note of the following tips to choose the right helmet:

  1. Helmets for children and adults are different but no less necessary
  2. Have separate helmets for bicycles and bikes
  3. Choose a helmet that fits well – feels comfortable but snug, doesn’t move in any direction, sits evenly on the head, does not move or fall off due to the wind, can be secured with a strap properly
  4. Remember that not all helmets are made the same
  5. Replace helmets regularly

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