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Dulha Dulhan Viral: In a funny video going viral on social media, government servants have been taunted. When the bride saw the groom, she got into thinking.

Bride Groom Video: They say that people’s pairs are not made from the sky. Who will become whose humsafar will all be decided by the above. Marriage is such a bond which is a relationship of seven births. If the Lord makes the pair, then the person only plays it. A video has surfaced on social media, in which all the colors of the bride’s face disappear on seeing the groom.

The bride got a shock on seeing the groom

Social media has become the hub of funny and viral videos. Sometimes such scenes are seen, seeing which a person is filled with laughter, and sometimes he remains stunned. In such a situation, the video of a wedding is covered on the internet. In this, the sadness of the bride’s face came in front of everyone when she saw her groom. You too will understand the whole matter by watching the video itself.

Watch the video..

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Some people must have laughed after seeing the video, while some people must have been stunned. The bride herself was also surprised to see her groom. It can be seen that the groom is waiting eagerly for the bride standing on the stage. In this the entry of the bride takes place. She moves slowly, but when her eyes fall on her groom, it is as if she dries up.

Her pain started showing on the face of the bride

Even though the bride cannot say anything in her marriage, but seeing her, it can be understood that she is probably not happy. The groom would be happy to have such a beautiful wife, but the bride’s expressions told a different story. Many users on social media are telling it the wonder of government job.

One user even wrote that ‘kill me..’ An attempt has been made to taunt government servants through this video. This video has also been uploaded on Instagram on a page named funtaap, on which people are giving very funny reactions.

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