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Chachaji Ka Video: By the way, you must have often seen those who get married in old age. But a video of an elderly man has been covered on social media, who is being filled with joy after getting a young bride.

Dulha Dulhan Viral Video: They say that a pair does not come from the sky. Your life partner will be the one whom God has made for you. Many times there are reports that a young girl was forcibly married to a middle-aged man. Sometimes even the relatives are shocked to see the pair of bride and groom. Sometimes it becomes difficult to believe your own eyes.

Uncle laughed after getting a young bride

Such a video has surfaced on social media, which everyone who saw it kept watching. People start asking questions, does this even happen? Often we see such marriages, when the elder is getting married with a younger girl. Many strange things are seen in it, but this time the video has come out. It will really force you to think that even this happens?

Actually, in this video an elderly man is getting married to a young girl, the most special thing in this video is the laughter and happiness of uncle’s face.

Watch the video..

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In the video you can see that the bride and groom are sitting on a wedding stage. The only difference is the age of both. The age of the groom can be estimated by looking at his appearance. Happiness is also visible on the faces of both. But you just look at the groom’s face carefully.

Old uncle is not bloated with happiness

Old uncle is not able to hide his happiness, he is not bloated with happiness. From whom is the real reason for the happiness of the elderly person going to be hidden. People are saying on social media that this happiness is to get a young bride. Everyone knows the secret of happiness of uncle who gets married in this old age. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Who was hurt by the happiness of the elderly?

The video of uncle, who repeatedly expressed the happiness of his marriage, is becoming viral on different platforms of social media. In this video, where the happiness of the elderly person is visible, the sorrow of many people is also visible. Many people were shocked to see this sight. Many people are reacting with anger on this. Especially the pain of single boys seems to be open.

This video has been covered on social media. Netizens are giving a lot of reactions on this and are also commenting. The video has also been uploaded to an Instagram account named psycho_biihari, which has been viewed millions of times.

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