Viral Video: Girl started dancing in front of the elephant, seeing the elephant also imitated it, fluttering its ears and started swinging – informalnewz

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A funny video of an elephant is going viral, in which it is seen imitating a little girl.

Videos of elephants are always such that they make our mood good. Cute and funny videos of elephants sometimes remove all our tension. We have one such video for you which will surely put a smile on your face. Now once again a funny video of the elephant is going viral, in which it is seen imitating a little girl.

The video shared on Twitter by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra begins with a small girl dancing in front of an elephant. Moments in the clip, the elephant imitates the dance of the little girl by moving her big fluttering ears.

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Dipanshu Kabra wrote in the caption accompanying the clip, “Who did better?”

The video has already been viewed 15 times and got a lot of reactions. People liked the sweet conversation between Jumbo and the little girl. Many wrote about how the elephant’s behavior proved that they deserved the name ‘gentle giants’.

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