Urusei Yatsura Getting A Remake By David Production

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Animes can be a bit odd and bizarre…undoubtedly. But, Urusei Yatsura takes the cake for being one of the most bizarre and out-there animes I personally have ever seen! The popular 90s anime which was a fan favorite, a fact proven by the number of episodes it has released ( a whopping 195) is all set to get its very own remake in the year 2022 coming out pretty soon!

The David Productions after nearly 41 years since the Urusei Yatsura anime series first premiered has decided to give the beloved and funniest anime its very own remake and we cannot be more excited!

The anime is scheduled to release somewhere in the year 2022 and a complete revamp and recreation of the story is expected. With new Voice actors, new animation, and a new chance, I’m sure Urusei Yatsura just like it brightened the lives of kids in the 90s will surely reach out to today’s millennial generation. Although, adult supervision is recommended (wink-wink)

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The plot of Urusei Yatsura is simple. An alien life-form called “Oni” translated to “Demon” ascends down to the earth in order to make the planet as their own. However, instead of capturing earth by force and well killing literally everybody, they give us poor earthlings a chance to fight for our rights. If the chosen human is able to touch the horns of the oni with supernatural powers in one week, then the alien life form will politely leave.

However, bad luck to the humans, the representative of all the mankind was chosen to be  Ataru Moroboshi, a perverted, unlucky, and bad at studies student who can’t achieve anything in his life. Will Ataru be able to win humans back their freedom? Make sure to watch Urusei Yatsura and find out!

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