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Urfi Javed’s video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, Urfi came in front of the camera wearing a front open top that people were stunned to see her.

Urfi Javed Video: When it comes to Urfi Javed, every time her dressage is beyond imagination. Every time the actress comes out wearing more bo*ld than her old dress and surprises the fans. But this time Urfi Javed has taken such a risk with her clothes that it can become a problem for her. The actress, going braless, has tied the top with a thread from the front. After this she played such a game which was quite risky for her. The video of the actress playing the game wearing this top is becoming increasingly viral on social media and her dress is being discussed everywhere.

Such a top made from orange cloth

In this video, Urfi Javed is wearing a front open top of orange color. It is clearly visible in this video that the actress is wearing this top braless. The special thing is that Urfi has completely opened this top from the front and the top is tied with a thin thread from the front. Urfi is wearing low-waist jeans with this very bo*ld and relieving top.

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One more mistake…

In this video, the actress has tied her top with so much thread that due to one of her mistakes, she can become a victim of Oops Moment. To complete her look, Urfi has tied her hair in half and left half open. Along with this, Satal is looking very good in makeup.

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Spotted playing snooker

In this video, Urfi Javed is seen playing snooker. Sharing the video, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption – ‘The right way to play pool.’

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