Urfi Javed Video: Without wearing anything, Urfi Javed wrapped transparent plastic, everyone’s eyes were torn as soon as it turned! – informalnewz

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Urfi Javed Bo*ldest Look: Urfi Javed has designed her new crop top by wrapping transparent food wrap plastic on the body. This look of Urfi Javed is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Urfi Javed Transparent Look: Actress and fashion icon Urfi Javed has shared her new look with fans on Instagram. This look of the actress has become very viral among her impatient fans waiting for Urfi’s new looks. The interesting thing is that this time again Urfi has done such an experiment with her look which hardly anyone can think of. But after sharing this video of Urfi, her fans are liking this experiment very much.

Transparent plastic wrap dress

Talking about this latest look of Urfi, the actress wrapped the transparent plastic used to keep food and vegetables fresh in the kitchen like a top on her body and made a crop top by placing flowers in the middle. The way Urfi has put flowers in plastic, it looks like a print and everyone is praising this creativity of the actress.

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Actress turned topless transparent look

In the video you can see that as soon as Urfi Javed turned in a topless transparent look, everyone’s eyes were torn at once. However, Urfi’s creativity was no less. Urfi teamed up her look with denim jeans and high heels. Urfi is seen walking in heels and she stumbled after walking some distance. However, she handled it very brilliantly and made a step by taking a round turn. By creating a ponytail with wavy hair and a dark lip shade Urfi made her look more attractive.

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Urfi Javed immersed in Ganesh devotion

Earlier, in the video shared by Urfi Javed, the actress is seen immersed in the color of devotion. Urfi Javed is looking very cute in an ethnic look and not only this, she is seen performing Ganesh Vandana in Sanskrit with background music. This devotional style of Urfi Javed is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Social media users are very fond of this style of Urfi.

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