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Urfi Javed Bare Body: This time Urfi Javed has shared such a look on social media, which everyone is surprised to see. Urfi Javed has shot this video by sticking flowers on her body in topless style.

Urfi Javed Flower look: Social media sensation Urfi Javed has set new benchmarks in the fashion industry. Seeing what Urfi has done this time, everyone’s eyes are torn. Social media users are getting surprised after seeing this impeccable style of Urfi Javed. During this, instead of clothes, only flowers are visible on Urfi’s body.

Not wearing clothes

In the video that surfaced, you can see that the actress is wearing nude color shorts matching the skin tone, which are visible on attention. Apart from this, Urfi Javed is not wearing any clothes on her body.

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Hid colorful flowers

Urfi Javed completed her look with colorful flowers. Along with this, the actress has made a pony behind by taking out a long braid of hair. In the video, Urfi is not seen doing any body movement but she is flaunting her face expression.

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Trendsetters in terms of fashion

Take a look at the comment section to see this style of Urfi Javed, where some users are calling her a trendsetter in terms of fashion and some are telling her favorite flower. Along with this, some users are not liking their bo*ld style more than this limit and are also instructing them not to do so.

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Open shirt buttons

Earlier, Urfi Javed had posted a video on social media. In this video, Urfi was seen wearing only white color shirt in front of the camera. The special thing is that Urfi had opened the buttons from the front of this white colored shirt. In which her cleavage was clearly visible. To make her look stylish, Urfi wore a heavy choker style necklace around her neck. Along with this, a bun of hair was made. While sharing this video, it was written in the caption – ‘No pain and no gain.’ Commenting on this video of Urfi, Rakhi Sawant made a fire emoji.

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Fashion statement talks

Urfi Javed has achieved a big position in the fashion industry in a very short time. Be it photoshoots or spotted looks, Urfi does something odd every time for her fans and that is why she becomes the talk of the town.


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