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Mumbai: It is common for Urfi Javed to be in the news for her unique fashion choices. The actress never fails to surprise people with her outfits. On Wednesday too, she rocked the city by carrying a bo*ld black outfit with black heels. Many of her spotted videos are going viral on social media, seeing that fans are confused whether she is wearing a monokini or a low-cut skirt.

Well, be it a fashion statement or a fashion disaster, Urfi is now making headlines for one more reason apart from her clothes. Paparazzi page Voompla has shared a video of her (Uorfi Javed Viral Video), in which she is seen openly proposing to marry actor Ranveer Singh.

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In the video that is going viral, Urfi (Uorfi Javed proposes Ranveer Singh) tells the paps, “I love Ranveer..if she finds another wife right now..well she will not like Deepika…after Deepika. What…but if it’s different..I am..just telling Ranveer.” During this, Urfi was seen blushing a lot and Khushi Khushi was seen keeping her heart in front of the media.

Now netizens have also started reacting as soon as the video surfaced. Many people have trolled Urfi for dreaming of Ranveer Singh.

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