Urfi Javed has faced casting couch, said- ‘It happened with me too’ – Ajjplay

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Urfi Javed: During a recent interview, Urfi Javed spoke openly about her life. Apart from this, the actress also talked about casting couch in the entertainment industry.

Urfi Javed Faced Casting Couch: Many people in the entertainment industry have faced casting couch to get work. Over the years, we have seen many actresses open up about the casting couch. Recently one such experience has also been shared by ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ fame actress Urfi Javed. Recently in an interview with Spotboye, Urfi revealed that she has never faced anything like this in the television industry. But there were some instances where she had to face the casting couch. However, Urfi did not blame the entire industry for this.

Urfi spoke on the casting couch

Urfi said- ‘To be honest, I have never experienced anything like this in the television industry. This is a very clean industry. But, yes there have been a couple of instances but I will not blame the entire industry because of one person. I feel that this has happened to every girl, someone must have told her that do this, you will have to sleep with me. Urfi further said- ‘It is very clear and big names are involved in it. But I am lucky because I have not come under any such trap. I am a sensible girl. A lot also depends on you as a person. You always have the option of saying no.

Urfi Javed has faced casting couch, said- ‘It happened with me too’ - Ajjplay

When Urfi did not have home

Apart from this, Urfi Javed, remembering the old days, told that in the beginning she wanted to kill herself. She didn’t even have a house to live in. But today they have everything. Urfi said that- ‘I am happy that I did not give up in difficult times’. Let us tell you that Urfi Javed appeared in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Apart from this, she is very popular on social media. She often wins the hearts of people with her hot photos, dance reels and sizzling avatars. Urfi has also acted in several Punjabi music videos like ‘Befikra’, ‘Hul Chul’, ‘Chat Sohniye’ and ‘Tere Ishq Mein’.

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