Urfi Javed did a bo*ld dance by opening the button of the shirt, fans became intoxicated after seeing the style – Ajjplay

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Urfi Javed Dance: Style junkie Urfi Javed was seen dancing to Ranveer Singh’s song in her latest video and her style was liked by everyone.

Urfi Javed Dance Video: Urfi Javed is the person who does not do so little. That’s why every single act of Urfi Javed makes her crazy. But this time Hasina has done such a thing that the viewers have become intoxicated. When Urfi opened the shirt buttons and danced, the fans left her dance and died on her style.

Urfi dance on ranveer singh song

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Urfi Javed has shared a video on Instagram in which she is dancing in a cool style, that too on Ranveer Singh’s song. Urfi Javed is seen wearing a purple pant style plazo and purple colored satin shirt in this video. But with this fashion style, she has added glamor to the shirt by opening the buttons. Her style is unique in this way and this time too the fans have liked her look. That’s why it has rained a lot of comments on this video of her.

There was havoc in a sari on Eid

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Urfi Javed, who was active on social media, wreaked havoc in a sari on the occasion of Eid. She was seen dancing to the song of Eid in a blue sari. And her performance in this song was amazing.

Urfi Javed is a TV actress who has appeared in many big serials but she got the most fame from Bigg Boss. Urfi, who was seen in Bigg Boss, was out of the show in the first week itself. But in this one week, she has gained so much popularity that today Urfi is no more an unknown or unheard name. Be it any occasion, Urfi never forgets to create magic with her style. And this time her style has spelled doom.

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