Urfi Javed created a ruckus on Eid wearing a blouse with less cloth than a bra, bo*ld video went viral – informalnewz

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Urfi Javed celebrated Eid with fans and distributed sweets to everyone. Urfi’s look during this period is becoming increasingly viral on social media and she is also being trolled for her bo*ld blouse.

Urfi Javed Latest Video: Urfi Javed dominates every day due to her fashion experiments. In such a situation, even on the occasion of Eid, everyone was eagerly waiting for Urfi’s look and Urfi did not deter her from showing her bo*ldness even on Eid. Although Urfi wore a sari to get ready on Eid, but the design of the actress’s blouse was seen teasing everyone. Urfi wore a bo*ld Jayadaga blouse.

Urfi Javed’s bo*ld look

As soon as Urfi reached in public in braless look and over-revealing blouse, everyone just kept looking at her. During this, Urfi wore a yellow printed sari which was hand printed by her friend. With this, wore such a blue blouse in which less fabric was used than the bra. Urfi completed her look by wearing loud make-up and hair tie.

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The actress distributed sweets to the people

Urfi also brought some Bengali sweets on Eid for the paparazzi and her fans, which she herself distributed to everyone. Along with this, Urfi was also seen talking about her fashion sense. Urfi says that she can wear anything and anywhere, this is her identity so that people can recognize her separately.

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Urfi Javed is just 25 years old

Fans eagerly wait for every picture and video of the actress. And as soon as Urfi shares her latest look with fans, it becomes viral within minutes. Urfi Javed is only 25 years old and she is very active on social media, fans are also eagerly waiting for the latest experiments of Urfi every day.

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Urfi’s fashion experiments

Every single pose of Urfi becomes a topic of discussion on social media. Most of these posts remain in the news about the strange photoshoot of Urfi. Actually, more than her work, Urfi is in the news only because of her unusual clothes. Sometimes she makes clothes out of jute sacks, sometimes with glass and sometimes she makes clothes by applying only photos.

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