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TV Actress Breastfeeding: Famous TV actress Shikha Singh remains in the news every day. One of her photos had created panic on social media.

TV Actress Breastfeeding Photo: There are such beauties in the TV world who also cut the cards of Bollywood actresses with their bo*ld acts and one of them is ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ fame Shikha Singh. Her social media itself testifies to how bo*ld the actress is. Although, she has now become the mother of a child, but even after becoming a mother, her heat is not taking the name of lessening, but after becoming a mother, Shikha Singh entertains her fans in an even more bo*ld style. The actress has also posted pictures of breastfeeding many times on social media.

Shikha is the mother of a baby girl

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Shikha Singh married her four old boyfriend Karan Shah on May 1, 2016. Let us tell you that Karan is a pilot by profession and this couple was married according to Gujarati customs. After four years of marriage, Shikha gave birth to a daughter. The actress keeps sharing photos and videos of her daughter on social media. Even many times Shikha has shared photos on social media while feeding her baby girl, due to which she was also trolled a lot.

Many people trolled

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Although many users did not like to share the picture of Shikha Singh while breastfeeding on social media like this, but many celebs praised her for doing so. Celebrities had supported the normalization of breastfeeding children in public. Let us tell you that the character of Shikha became very popular in the TV show Kumkum Bhagya. Shikha Singh has also tried her hand in the field of comedy. She made people laugh a lot in ‘Jubilee Comedy Circus’ in the year 2008.

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