Top 10 Best Action Adventure Anime to Watch in 2022!

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Nothing excites an anime fan more than action-packed and adventure-filled scenes. Because it brings the exact amount of excitement, a fan looks for in an anime. Hence the action plus adventure is one of the most favored genres of anime. An action anime not only consists of action sequences but also gives us a fantastic story to fall in love with. That particular story provides us with an insight into the world and the reason as to why the action is taking place. It takes us on an adventure along with the protagonist. Because of this, adventure becomes a vital part of the genre list.

Adventures in anime can rival our day-to-day mundane lives and give us the extra burst of energy we need. However, some of them might be slightly extreme than our preference but equally fun and exhilarating. But, experiencing those adventures together with the characters makes it feel like we all are in one place. Sometimes it is tough to make the audience fall in love with the action-packed and adventurous script, but many have managed to excel in it. So here are the top 10 action-adventure anime that one can watch and enjoy.

1. Sword Art Online

Best Isekai Harem Anime With OP MC Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online (Image: Netflix)

Episodes: 96 episodes

Studio: A1 Pictures Studio

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-fiction, Gameworld

Aired Time: 2012-2021

To date, ‘Sword Art Online’ is one of the best animes that has worked around the genre of the game world and has excelled in it. It portrays the elements of the augmented reality world with precision and brings forth a breath of fresh air in the anime world.

The story starts with our male protagonist logging into the game and entering the virtual reality world with the other players. But, the world inside the game was not something new for our ML Kirito. He had already trialed the beta version of this game. However, it will prove to be fruitless when the next biggest plot twist is thrown in front of him. The game creator had decided to play a game of his own within SAO. He trapped all the players in the game to defeat the final boss to be free from this A.R. world. This condition spurred the players to go into panic and chaos. Consequently, making them worry about how they are going to win. But, Kirito, with his headstrong personality, had made his mind up to win and end the game.

Kirito, along with his comrades, takes us for an adventure in a world filled with swords, magic, and powerful monsters. Moreover, with the various battles taking place, we get to enjoy power-packed action scenes too. But, what stands out the most in this anime is the power of friendship and how teamwork is a dreamwork. When we have a mixture of friendship and adventure, nothing can go wrong.

2. Bleach 

Image: Pierrot

Episodes: 366 episodes

Studio: Pierrot Studio

Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Aired Time: 2004-2012

Many of us wonder about what happens in the spiritual realm or the place where various supernatural beings reside. Answers to those questions come in different forms, and this anime is one of the forms of answers that fans enjoyed learning more about.

Kurosaki Ichigo is a typical high schooler living his best life being a hotheaded troublemaker along with his younger siblings and dad. But, just like everybody else, he had a secret of his own. He could see the spirits or souls of dead people. Initially, he had found it odd why he was the only one who could see them. But, his questions were answered on this one fortunate night where he met Rukia. Rukia was none other than a shinigami (A supernatural being or a grim reaper that helped the souls or spirit reach the other side). After witnessing her fight with a ‘hollow,’ Ichigo was sure that he had some linking to being a part of the shinigami world. Besides, he became a part of the shinigami world when Rukia’s power was passed onto him when he tried saving her.

Through this incident, many new doors opened up in Ichigo’s life. Along with the introduction to the shinigami world, he earned some friends for a lifetime. We are taken on a wild ride through his journey of discovering a whole new world and re-discovering himself. Along with exploring different realms, we also enjoy the visuals of some of the best-drawn action scenes. Friendship, adventure, and the battle of power are what make this anime special.

3. Cowboy Bebop

(Image: Animex Wallpapers)

Episodes: 26 episodes

Studio: Sunrise Studio

Genre: Action, Adventure, Space western, Science-fiction, Drama, Neo-noir

Aired Time: 1998-1999

‘Old is gold’ is pretty apt for this anime. Furthermore, an anime that was crafted way ahead of its time and space. Cowboy Bebop is still their go-to choice whenever fans want to enjoy a good old anime with a thick plot filled with action. Cowboy Bebop takes us on an adventure in the year 2071, which has been dubbed as a world post-apocalypse.

The story revolves around Spike and his team of cowboys who traverse the space in their ship called Bebop. They are bounty hunters who search for criminals across planets and bring them in for the reward awarded, which leads them to name themselves cowboys. After the apocalypse, Earth had become inhabitable, which prompted the other planets or space in general to become a place of habitat. So to make their ends meet, many resorted to becoming bounty hunters. Spike and Jet got together in the business of bounty hunters in trying to better their living conditions. Along the way, they picked up the rest of the members of their group, making it a ragtag of a bounty hunters group. But, with each case of catching a criminal, something from the past of the Cowboy Bebop’s members is linked with it.

Thus making it difficult for them to try to catch the criminal, but they still carry on and try to achieve a happy ending. Moreover, the ragtag group of this anime takes us on a rollercoaster ride around the space and simultaneously excites us through the actions of catching a criminal. No wonder it is still reigning in the hearts of anime fans.

4. Inuyasha

Inuyasha And Kagome
Inuyasha And Kagome (Image: Reddit)

Episodes: 193 episodes (Inuyasha- 167 eps, The Final Act- 26 eps)

Studio: Sunrise Studio

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Aired Time: 2000- 2004 (Inuyasha), 2009-2010 (The Final Act)

Have you ever wondered if reincarnation is an actual phenomenon? Does love really transcend time and space? Do parallel universe really exist? Answers to such questions can be found in Inuyasha- a timeless piece of an anime. With lots of adventure and action we even get to witness the sweetness of a romance.

The story follows the life of an ‘ordinary’ high school girl named Kagome. She’s a studious girl scoring high grades in her exams and not being troublesome at all. Her family owns a shrine and reside right besides it. She leads a peaceful life with her mom, brother and grandpa with daily family squabbles and nothing major until one unfortunate night. Q

5. Naruto

Naruto Clans

Episodes: 720 episodes (Naruto- 220 eps, Shippuden- 500 eps)

Studio: Pierrot Studio

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial arts, Fantasy

Aired Time: 2002-2017

The very anime that makes whole of anime fans want to become a world class ninja with shadow technique mastered. The anime through which we got the famous “Naruto style run” from. Naruto for many is not just an anime but an emotion and that’s the correct way to describe it.

The story follows a boy named Naruto, who has ambitions and goals just like every other boy

6. Hunter x Hunter

top 10 best anime on netflix Hunterxhunter
HunterxHunter (Image: DeviantArt)

Episodes: 210 episodes (1st anime T.V. series- 62 eps, 2nd anime T.V. series- 148 eps)

Studio: Nippon Animation Studio for 1st anime T.V. series; Madhouse Studio for 2nd anime T.V. series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts

Aired Time: 1999-2001 (1st anime T.V. series), 2011-2014 (2nd anime T.V. series)

7. Attack On Titan

Eren, Mikasa and Armin ready to take down some Titans
Eren, Mikasa and Armin
Image: Attack On Titan Anime

Episodes: 75 episodes

Studio: Wit Studio (1-59 eps); MAPPA Studio (60 eps onwards)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Post-apocalyptic, Dark fantasy

Aired Time: 2013- present

8. One Piece


Episodes: 1003 episodes

Studio: Toei Animation Studio

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Aired Time: 1999- present

9. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures

Jojo's Bizzare-Adventure
Image: Viz-Media

Episodes: 164 episodes

Studio: David Production Studio

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Aired Time: 2012- present

10. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail (Image: WallpaperAccess)

Episodes: 328 episodes

Studio: A1 Pictures Studio; Satelight Studio (1-175 eps); Bridge (176-328 eps); Clover Works (278- 328 eps) in co-production.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magical realm

Aired Time: 2009-2019

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