The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 Coming Soon!

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I think it has been a very long wait for The Devil Is A Part-Timer fans, and it is about time that we get our much-awaited season 2! That’s right, the hilarious demon king and his inter-dimensional enemies and friend are coming on our screens once more to set out hearts ablaze and make our lives a lot more brighter than they were before.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer is, without a doubt, one of the funniest animes to have ever launched. However, just like always, the anime industry didn’t take any time to throw its season 2 out of the window because comedy animes just don’t bring in that much audience. At least, that is what they thought!


But with the rise in the manga’s popularity and the tremendous following of the show, and ofcourse how can we forget the countless petition pages demanding the creators for a season 2, it seems have finally come to fruition because the series is finally all set to get its second season scheduled to release in July of 2022.

The second season of the series will be made under the supervision of Daisuke Chikushi and, after eight years of prolonged wait, will premiere on our screen this summer.

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Although still uncertain, season 2 of the show will most likely be licensed by Crunchyroll, and why not? The show is an absolute gold mine and is expected to break some charts and records with its premiere. Not to mention that it will be coming right on time, when the fans of attack on titan would be witnessing the series finale, and trust me, we need some mood uplifters after that!

Therefore, do make sure to not miss out on The demon Lord and his entourage coming on your screens this summer. Also, make sure to watch its newly released promotional video releasing the names of the cast members, the opening song, and a possible release date!


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