Sunita Baby showed her bold dance on stage, even the elderly lost their sweat after seeing the style – Ajjplay

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Sunita baby Dance Video: Stage dancer Sunita Baby, who has created a flutter with her dances on YouTube, keeps on adding a tadka to her tremendous dance every day. At the same time, one of her songs is creating a lot of ruckus because in this song she is twirling round and round like Imarti, after seeing which the public’s mind is getting sweeter. Actually, in the video going viral, you can see that Sunita is setting the stage on fire in a black color salwar suit.

Now this video of Sunita Baby is creating panic on social media. The name of the song is ‘Mera Husan’ which is going viral. This video has got one crore views so far. This song is being liked a lot on YouTube.

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