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Funny Videos: More than one funny videos are posted on social media. One such video (Trending Video) is forcing people to laugh. In this video, a sister-in-law is seen teasing her brother-in-law.

Jija-Sali Video: The relationship of brother-in-law is very flirtatious and full of fun. Sometimes brother-in-law (Brother In Law) is seen joking with sister-in-law and sometimes sister-in-law (Wife’s Sister) is seen teasing brother-in-law. Often on social media platforms, you will also see jokes of brother-in-law. One such video of brother-in-law has been shared on social media platform Instagram and users are also very much liked. Seeing this video, you too will not be able to stop your laughter and will become a fan of sister-in-law’s style.

Sister-in-law teased brother-in-law

It can be seen in this video that the groom is busy performing the wedding rituals. He didn’t know what was going to happen to him in the next few seconds. His sister-in-law (Sister In Law) is sitting behind the groom and he also has a safety pin in his hand. To know how sister-in-law teases her brother-in-law, first of all you must also watch this viral video …

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Brother-in-law was shocked

Sister-in-law pricks the safety pin on her brother-in-law’s waist. As soon as the safety pin pricks brother-in-law, brother-in-law is stunned and jumps up. When brother-in-law looks back, he realizes that it was his sister-in-law’s prank and he starts laughing. Seeing this, the sister-in-law also starts laughing out loud. It is written in the caption of this video that share who should get such a sister-in-law.

Video entertained

This video is entertaining social media users a lot. So far, about 50 thousand people (Social Media Users) have seen this video. More than two thousand people have liked the video. Not only this, many people were seen sending laughing emoji in the comment section.

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