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Itarsi Railway Station Accident: Everyone is getting goosebumps after seeing this shocking video recently viral on social media. In the video, a passenger is seen dragging along the moving train on the platform.

Itarsi Railway Station Viral Video: Often people risk their own lives due to haste and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly at the railway station due to negligence. Many such videos are seen on social media every day, in which even after the threat of death, people themselves are seen moving towards it. Sometimes the haste of a few minutes also proves to be fatal for the human being. It is often seen that, while trying to board a moving train, some people become victims of accidents while crossing the tracks. Recently, a similar video is going viral, in which a person is seen narrowly escaping from the mouth of death.

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Seeing this video that is going viral, one will really go crazy for fear of anyone. This video going viral has surfaced from Itarsi railway station, where a passenger slips while boarding a moving train and then starts dragging along the train on the platform. In the beginning of the video, it can be seen that many passengers are seen walking on the platform of the railway station, meanwhile a train passes from there, only then everyone’s eyes fall on a passenger, who is holding the handle of the train’s gate. He is getting caught and dragged on. In this chaos, an RPF jawan standing there in civil dress saves that passenger in time.

This video has been shared by @RPF_INDIA on social media platform from its official Twitter account. Which is being told from a CCTV footage. In the video, a passenger is seen dragging along with the train on the platform, which Harpratap Parmar, an RPF personnel present there in civil dress, catches them and puts them inside the train. After watching this video which is becoming increasingly viral on social media, everyone is not tired of praising the wisdom of RPF personnel.

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