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Apart from her acting, Rashmi Desai has also started living in a lot of discussion due to bo*ldness. Fans have also started getting excited for her new looks. Now again Rashmi’s actions have made everyone intoxicated.

New Delhi: Actress Rashmi Desai has been in the news for the past few days due to her looks. In such a situation, the fans are also very desperate to see her sizzling performances. Now once again Rashmi with her killer look has set the internet’s mercury high along with the heartbeats of the fans. In the latest photoshoot, the actress is seen in a transparent dress.

Rashami Desai is breaking the limits of bo*ldness every day

Rashmi has always been seen on screen wearing a suit-sari in plain clothes. However, in real life the actress is quite bo*ld and glamorous. A glimpse of this is often seen in her Instagram posts. At the same time, there is no doubt that Rashmi’s bo*ldness is increasing day by day. Because of this, the list of her fans is also getting longer.

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Rashmi Desai’s new photoshoot stuns her senses

Now seeing Rashmi in the latest photoshoot, the fans are not able to take their eyes off her. Here the actress is seen wearing a transparent dress with an ice color sequence.

In this high Thai slit, the actress is posing one to one in front of the camera while flaunting her two-piece look. Rashmi has completed this look with matching shade makeup.

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Rashmi Desai is looking very hot

Rashmi has completed her look here with an open hairstyle and transparent heels. The actress is looking very hot and bo*ld in this look. Here she is already looking quite fit. Now in a few minutes, this photoshoot of the actress has started going viral on social media. Fans are not able to take their eyes off these acts.

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