Rakulpreet went out to the market without wearing pants, people had fun, said- ‘Forgot to wear pants’ – informalnewz

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Trolling of Bollywood celebrities is not a new thing, a similar incident has happened with actress Rakul Preet Singh. Actually a photo of Rakul was uploaded on social media. In which she is getting down from the car. During this, a photo of her looks like she is wearing only a shirt. Her pants are not visible under her.

Commenting on this photo of her, a Twitter user asked- ‘Have you forgotten to wear pants?’ Then another commented and wrote – ‘Don’t know what to wear before coming to the public place?’ Rakul lashed out at the trollers…

Rakul replied to the trollers.

‘Why don’t people who are questioning my ethics speak up when women are exploited. I am saying this to make the mentally ill people realize that they too have a family. How will they feel when the same thing happens to them? I think her mother will definitely give her a slap on this.

Well for people questioning my ethics why don’t you speak up when women are objectified and I’ve chosen my words only to make such #sickminds realise that they have a family too and how would they feel if the same is done to them ! I am sure her mother would give her a slap too🙏 — Rakul Singh (@Rakulpreet) January 17, 2019

Photo of truth

Rakul Preet Singh’s pantless photo on which she was being trolled was actually something else. Rakul Preet Singh also wore denim shorts under a denim shirt. Only one angle of her photo was uploaded on Twitter. When her full picture came out, the person who trolled him deleted her tweet.

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