Rakhi is not happy to meet Adil, she did bo*ld dance while lying on the road, watch video – Ajjplay

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Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant is often seen making headlines on social media due to different reasons. Sometimes she is successful in entertaining the fans, and sometimes she has to face trolling. Now recently her video (Rakhi Sawant Video) has surfaced, which is going viral on social media. In this clip, Rakhi Sawant can be seen in her usual gym wear as she lies down on the ground and dances in front of the paparazzi.

Paparazzi page Viral Bhayani has shared a video on her Instagram handle, in which she is trying to dance like Beyoncé by showing hot moves in front of the camera. Recently, she was in the headlines for parting with her boyfriend, when Adil did not come to meet her and she was in a bad condition crying. But Rakhi’s happiness knows no bounds as soon as Adil returns to Mumbai. She is seen swinging happily on the streets that even the onlooker will be stunned.

Reactions started pouring in from netizens as soon as the clip went viral. One user wrote, ‘Adil bhai you ain’t got no one else’, another wrote, ‘Is this hot dance or madness’, the third wrote, ‘Yeh hot dance .. see this hot words blush’.

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Let me tell you, Rakhi has recently said in her interview that, how she is not bothered by the negativity of social media. Rakhi said that trolls can only abuse her but can never harm her and that’s why she doesn’t care. She also explained how a little trolling is good as it helps a person to improve.

She said, “If you don’t troll us then how will we become stars? troll us. what can you do? At most you will abuse us. you won’t kill me If everyone talks nice about us, we can get diabetes. There should be some bitter gourd and neem in our life too. Trolling makes a person better. That’s not going to happen to me. You will change but I will not change. I will remain as I am. I don’t hurt anyone, I am very honest and I am an entertainer”.

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