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Rakhi Sawant has been cheated by boyfriend Adil Khan (Rakhi Adil Breakup). After seeing this, the drama queen has been seen saying big things.

Rakhi Adil Breakup: Bollywood’s ‘drama queen’ Rakhi Sawant remains in the limelight for both her professional and personal life. For the past few months, Rakhi has been seen roaming around with her new boyfriend Adil Khan and romancing in the car. Seeing the bond between the two, the fans also praised their chemistry a lot. However, now Adil has left Rakhi (Rakhi Sawant Adil Khan Breakup), narrating the painful story of which Rakhi Sawant has given a big statement.

Rakhi Sawant’s latest spotted video has been posted by Bollywood’s famous celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani on her official Instagram account. In this clip, the ‘Drama Queen’ is showing her hair extensions saying that I got it done for Adil. After this she said, ‘I cried for two hours in the flight… my entire kajal has also spread.’ After this the paparazzi also says that yes ma’am is visible through your eyes.

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Seeing Rakhi’s pain, the paparazzi tells her, ‘Ma’am, you can make a video call to her once.’ To this Rakhi says, ‘I will not call her… I went to Delhi to meet her and he didn’t even come there. Today both of us were going to come together, but look, I have come alone. After this Rakhi also clarifies that it is not her attitude but self-respect.

In the video, Rakhi Sawant is looking very beautiful in a baby pink color suit. Also, this video of her is going viral in the internet world at this time (Rakhi Sawant Viral Video). Commenting on the video, a user has written, ‘Why did you go to meet.’ Another wrote, ‘It is lying… she went to Delhi to get her hair extension.’ At the same time, another wrote, ‘Now Adil has also gone.’

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