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Poona Pandey Bo*ld: Departing from her bo*ld image, Poonam Pandey made her own identity in Lock Up Season One. Poonam Pandey, who has always been dominated by dazzling poses and videos, has finally told who she keeps talking to.

New Delhi: Poonam Pandey, who has flaunted her skills with ‘Lock Up Season One’, is a sensual erotic star. The fans of her beauty are in every corner of the country. Her bo*ldness and outspokenness makes her stand out. In such a situation, during an interview, she finally told whom she always talks to on the phone.

Speed dial

Let us tell you that when Poonam Pandey was recently asked during an interview whose number is on her speed dial, she said without hesitation to Saisha Shinde. Giving clarification later, Poonam Pandey says that it is not that her number is on speed dial, but both talk a lot among themselves.

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Sara khan therapist

Poonam Pandey was asked from the interview who she considers to be the therapist of ‘Lock Up Season 1’. So in such a situation, Poonam Pandey says that she considers Sara Khan to be the therapist of ‘Lock Up’. The reason behind this is Sara Khan’s love for her. She always calls and takes their moment-to-moment updates. Always tries to know about their well being. Regarding Sara Khan, Poonam told that there was a phase in the show when she was crying continuously for 2 hours, then it was Sara who took care of her.

Poonam pandey tricks

Departing from her bo*ld image, Poonam Pandey fiercely won her team in the domestic task in ‘Lock Up Season One’. There came a time when speculations were being made about her being out of the show, then she pulled the attention of the fans from her figure very well. Poonam has also been gullible to go topless on the show. In such a situation, the craze of fans for her on Insta continues even today.

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