People furious after watching romantic videos of ‘mother-son’, the video went viral fast – informalnewz

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People are expressing anger by sharing a video of a woman on social media. Actually, in the video, the woman is seen acting on different romantic songs with a boy. People have also started demanding the arrest of the woman. On the Insta account, the boy has been described as the woman’s son.

Many videos of a woman and a boy are going viral on social media. In the video, the woman is seen acting on romantic songs with the boy. Both are seen posing like a couple.

Dozens of such videos of both have been uploaded on an Insta account and the boy has been described as the stepson of the woman. Because of this, by sharing the video, people are demanding action from the Women’s Commission and even the arrest of the woman.

While sharing the video of the woman and the boy on Twitter, a user wrote – Both of them are mother and son. it’s so weird. The user has shared many videos simultaneously and has objected to it. In the videos, both are seen dancing on different romantic songs. The boy is seen hugging and kissing the woman.

In one video, the woman is also seen with a small girl. In the video, she is described as a daughter. People also expressed anger on this video.

Let us tell you that all the videos were actually posted on Instagram from a profile named Rachna. In the video, Rachna describes herself as a mother and the boy with her as a son. There are about 1 lakh 30 thousand followers on his Instagram.

In Instagram videos, Rachna is seen romancing the boy on different romantic songs and romantic dialogues. People have expressed anger by sharing these videos.

People furious after watching romantic videos of ‘mother-son’, the video went viral fast - informalnewz

Some videos on Insta have been uploaded by the woman with this man whom she has described as her husband.

Tagging the Women’s Commission, a user wrote – It should be investigated. Maybe all this is being forced on the child. This can have an impact on the mental health of the child. Those people could be in trouble.

Another user, demanding a jail sentence for the woman, wrote – Such parents should really be in jail. The third user wrote – Parenting is not for everyone. Many users have described the actions being done with the child in the video as child abuse.

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