Overlord Coming Once Again For Season 4!

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One of the quirkiest, and unique anime Overlord much to the fan’s delight is coming back for a season 4! As if three seasons of watching inhuman creatures weren’t enough, the fans frankly couldn’t be more excited.

That’s right the infamous Ains Ooal Gown is coming to us once again to conquer the human universe and make some sense of his life. The anime television series that has been running since 2018 has so far launched three of its seasons, and just recently a season 4 of the series scheduled for the April 2022 premiere has been launched.


Needless to say that our website will cover each and every detail and update regarding the show and of course the upcoming episodes. Each cast member is expected to reprise their roles with new enemies, coming towards the sacred land of Nazarick. Although so far very little information has been revealed as of yet, the confirmation of a season 4 has definitely been made.

The series will obviously start off from where it had started and from the looks of it things are going to get pretty intense. As the fans of the anime pretty much know that the show keeps on getting better with every passing episode, therefore the burden on the creators to make season 4 better than the previous season 3 is very real.


Season 4 as usual will also contain 13 episodes like its predecessor and will contain a bit of continuation from the Overlord Movie. However, fans who haven’t watched its movie don’t have to worry too much as it will be covered in the upcoming season.

Although, a concrete release date hasn’t been launched as of yet, we are expecting the show to have a spring premiere. Also if you’re looking to make a complete series rerun to watch season 4 with a bang then do not forget to check out our Overlord Filler List, giving you the complete guide on which episodes to watch and which ones to skip!

To know all the latest updates and information on Overlord and its upcoming season do not forget to keep on following our post! Also make sure to check out this trailer, the link to which is attached below.



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