Ousama Ranking Episode 16 “Royal Majesty” – Let’s Discuss!

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Episode 16 of Ousama Ranking “Royal Majesty” was by far one of the best episodes of the entire series as of yet. However, the one thing that astounds me so much about the Ousama Ranking series is how the show focuses on such gruesome and harsh reality topics that it’s often too hard to watch. So let’s dive into it and discuss what all happened in the episode.Ousama-Ranking

In the last episode king Desha explains to bojji why he has come over to Bosse’s kingdom, he reveals that he’s going to kill miranjo, the one who released all the prisoners and is responsible for injuring and killing so many people.

However, after hearing the name “Miranjo”, bojji remembers an extremely painful memory. The memory of his mother, protecting him against a barrage of sharp arrows, being thrown onto her by the orders of miranjo by an army of trolls. Bojji remembers how his mother pleaded for his life to miranjo, to spare his life at least, and then covered him and protected him and died a horrifying death, with bojji covered in her blood.


This memory completely breaks Bojji and tears well up in his eyes. King Desha then asks his army to take Gigan back to the underworld, however, bojji refuses. Desha then explains to bojji and Kage that Gigan is a criminal shocking them both.

The show then shows a truly sad and gruesome past of how Gigan came to be a criminal of the underworld. it is revealed that desha along with his brothers ouken (before he went mad) and despa rebelled against the cruel and brutal rule of his father.


Whereas Desha hired a band of merceneries and gigan in his army, Desha’s father hired the army of Gigantes, members of Gigan’s race to fight alongside him. The two sides were filled with violence, bloodshed, and chaos, however, the mercenaries under Desha crossed a line when they captured a baby Gigante and tortured him till his cries can be heard by its tribesman. The Gigantes care a lot for their young and therefore the entire army rushes to protect the baby only to die brutally at the hands of the mercenaries.

Gigan after seeing the cruelty of mercenaries and how they tortured a child and killed its tribe in such a horrifying manner loses his cool and attacks Desha’s army, killing many of them. However, he loses in front of king Desha who then slits the throat of the child captured and leaves.

Episode 16 of Ousama ranking highlighted some really scary and horrifying images of the harsh reality of wars and how even children aren’t spared when bloodlust takes over.


Gigan after remembering the child’s death rushes to fight despa who unleashes a horrifying attack only to be blocked by none other than bojji! That’s right Bojji stops king Desha from hurting king Desha shocking him. Bojji then tells Desha that he doesn’t want to fight him but he casn’t let him fight his friend Gigan.

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King Desha then talks to despa and asks what he has given bojji, and despa tells him clearly that he is no match for either bojji or king bosse and that he must give up on capturing the kingdom. he however does suggest that they should let bojji fight his father and in the meanwhile take the time to kill miranjo.

King Desha agrees, and orders his army to retreat however, he asks Gigan to follow him back and become part of the order of the underworld. King Desha apologizes for his actions and tells him how he faced hate even from his own brothers during the war but ending his father’s cruel rule was necessary otherwise more lives would be lost.

Ousama Ranking

Gogan then tells bojji that his heart is with him and agrees to go with the king. Domas and Hokuro after seeing bojji fighting the king and easily dispelling his attack are surprised and bow in front of him to beg for his forgiveness. They apologize from the bottom of their hearts but bojji still can’t come to terms with what they’ve done and runs away from them. Kage follows him and scolds them off.




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