Ousama Ranking Episode 14: Prince Bojji Return-Let’s Discuss!

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FINALLY! And I mean finally, we get to see Bojji return and I think we can all agree that it was better than we had expected! if you haven’t watched episode 14 of Ousama Ranking yet, then make sure to not read any further, because spoilers are ahead. So let’s discuss what happened in episode 14 and exactly what can we expect from the forthcoming episodes.

Episode 14 of Ousama Ranking titled “The prince returns” begins with Dorche getting injured pretty badly by Miranjo’s monsters. We see queen Hilling lose her calm and call out for king Bosse, to which king Bosse inside Daida reacts and he almost breaks out of his prison, but Miranjo’s image stops him in his tracks and he ignoress the cries of help from his very own wife.



However, just when things were looking pretty over for Dorche, having lost a leg and an eye, Bebin’s friend the two-headed snake Muramata appears and saves Dorche and Hilling just in time, however, the giant Gigan grasps hold of him and almost kills him.

And things become very bleak all of a sudden, but that’s when our beloved character, the greatest protagonist ever Bojji appears and thanks to the training given to him by Prince Despa, he defeats Gigan in just two blows, shocking the queen and Dorche.

The queen can’t help but remember the time when the little prince, due to his frailty was hardly able to help anyone and was always thrown around, and to see him like this makes her teary-eyed, and for good reason!


The queen and Bojji then have a touching reunion and bojji urges her to heal Muramata and the monsters under the control of Miranjo. Little by little as they rise up, the giant Gigan and the monsters join Bojj’s side and acknowledge his strength.

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The episode then focuses on Uuken, who as it turns out was once a handsome prince of Desha’s kingdom and wished to bring peace to the world. However, after being bestowed complete immortality, he slowly began losing his touch with humanity, which turned him into a heartless monster who likes to see others in pain.


With the help of king Desha’s lightening the head of the royal guard and prince Despa are able to subdue Ouken, meanwhile, King Desha makes his way into the underworld, to find Miranjo and kill her.

Who is Miranjo? And why is she so hell-bent on destroying everyone’s lives? And why the hell is king bosse blindly following her, disregarding the lives of his own family and blood? To find out what’s going to happen next in Ousama Ranking do not forget to stay tuned and watch it on 28th January 2022!


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