Ousama Ranking Episode 10 – Bojji’s True Power

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In the past few episodes of Ousama Ranking, the story has been mainly focused on king Diada and King Bosse’s return and the entire kingdom under some colossal conspiracy. However, episode 10 of the series finally brought back the protagonist Bojji and Kage, and that too with a bang!

Episode 10 of Ousama Ranking showed how Bojji’s training by Prince Despa is finally completed, and the three of them, i.e., Bojji, Despa, and Kage, head out to celebrate the event. However, Kage is surprised to see Bojji carrying a new weapon, but his surprise soon turns to dismay when he sees how flimsy it is. However, prince Despa assures him that looks can be quite deceiving.


The evidence of which is soon proved to us when the three of them are attacked by ruffians in the restaurant, and Bojji single-handedly defeats all of them. Bojji using the unconventional methods of fighting, first dodges the enemy’s attacks and then uses their own powers against them by striking them a blow beneath their jaw, giving them a concussion.

Then he uses his needle-like sword to knock his opponents unconscious by pressing on a point that reduces the blood flow to the brain knocking them out cold. Although Bojji’s moves aren’t as flashy as Rasengan or Bankai, their strength however is unquestioned, making him truly invincible.

And when you add in the fact that how much people end up underestimating the young prince, mainly because of his size, it only adds to his advantage.

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The episode then progresses to reveal that the ruffians were actually hired by Despa himself, to test Bojji’s strength in actual battle and the captain of the underworld sent his underlings to help him out. As expected, all of them were left shell shocked by the young prince’s unflashy but vast potential. However, Despa later reveals that Bojji has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, which he won’t show just now.

In the latter half of the episode, Kage acknowledging Bojji’s skills asks him, how he could dodge everyone’s attacks even without Despa’s training. To which Bojji reveals that it was actually the two-headed snake Muramata who helped him develop his extreme dodging skills, and it was Muramata himself who taught him how to lip-sync.

Bojji training with muramata

Although initially displeasing Bebin, the snake reveals to him that the Bojji has a very righteous heart. Even though bebin doesn’t support his ascension to the throne, he believes that the young boy will grow up to save many people, including King daida himself.

After hearing this, Kage then reveals to Bojji that Bebin told him to keep bojji safe at all costs and that the kingdom is undergoing some huge conspiracy that will most likely put everyone’s lives in danger. But, when Bojji thinks about returning home, he remembers how Dorsche pushed him underground to his death and suspects that Queen Hiling might be behind it.

Kage realizes this and calls Bojji a coward and forces him to remember that the queen actually loves the young boy dearly, and the two of them wipe off their teras in the remembrance of their mothers and decide to head back home.


Episode 11 of Ousama Ranking will most likely introduce the brand new enemy revealed to us in episode ten. The one thing that every fan is waiting to see is bojji confronting his father, King Bosse, reincarnation. With so few facts revealed to us, we still don’t know what the mirror and king Bosse is planning, and the fact that Bojji might have to fight his own father becomes even more depressing.

However, Ousama Ranking is a show that has a trait of putting twists and turns, and things might not turn out the way we expect them to. Therefore, do not forget to watch the series’s latest episode releasing on 23rd December 2021.

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