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Nargis Fakhri Movie Behind The Scene: A behind the scene of Emraan Hashmi, popularly known as the Kissing King in the Bollywood industry, is viral in social media. In this, the actress keeps on kissing him even after the director’s cut.

Emraan Hashmi Video: Who does not know Emraan Hashmi Movies Behind The Scenes by the name of serial kisser in the Bollywood industry. He is seen kissing the actress in most of his films. It is believed that many times the actress shy away from working with him for this reason. But have you ever thought that the kissing king of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi, should find such an actress who can get rid of his sweat in kissing. Yes, the matter is related to the shooting of the film ‘Azhar’ on the former captain of Team India, Mohammad Azharuddin.

Nargis kept on kissing even after saying cut thrice

Emraan Hashmi played the lead role in the film and was opposite Nagris Fakhri. In this, both were seen kissing each other. A video related to the shooting of one such kissing scene of the film is viral in social media. It is funny that Nagris Fakhri, who is popularly known as Kissing King, kept on kissing even after the director spoke the cut three times. Emraan Hashmi himself also started retreating but Nargis kept on kissing him.

Behind the scene went viral

Behind the scenes of the film are viral in social media. It can be seen that Emraan Hashmi and Nargis Fakhri Kissing Scene are standing close to each other. The kissing scene is being shot. In this, the Bollywood actor tells the director that if the kissing scene is not completed, then he will continue to kiss. Hearing this, everyone on the set starts laughing. After a few seconds, let’s see in the frame that the two kiss each other. After the completion of the scene, the director says cut, but whatever is in the frame is also very funny.

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Actually, Emraan Hashmi starts to back down after the director’s cut, but the next moment he realized that Nargis Fakhri is still kissing him and is not ready to leave. The director said cut three times but Fakhri kept on kissing. What happened after this in the frame is worth watching.

These days the video is being seen fiercely on different platforms of social media. It has also been uploaded on Instagram on a page named ghantaa. The video has been viewed more than one crore times so far and more than two lakh people have given this response.

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