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Upasana Singh has accused Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu of producing a film in which she was supposed to cast Harnaaz. Harnaaz herself had agreed for this film. Now not getting any response from Harnaaz

New Delhi: Upasana Singh, who is in discussion about her youthful youth in Comedy Nights with Kapil, is a very famous actress of Punjab. The Punjabi industry has given her as much love as she has earned in Bollywood. Kapil’s aunt i.e. Upasana Singh, who always looks non-serious, is a bit agitated. Her anger is about Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu.

Miss Universe allegation

Upasana Singh has filed a case against Harnaz Kaur Sandhu in Chandigarh District Court. The actress has filed a civil petition. Upasana has accused Harnaaz that she was producing a film in which she was going to cast Harnaaz. Harnaaz herself had agreed for this film. Upasana has told that since she is calling her for the film, Harnaaz is not answering her call.

Court will summon

Upasana Singh is hurt by Harnaz Kaur’s ignorance. The actress told that she has evidence against Harnaz, now the court will summon her. It has been told in the case that in 2020, Harnaz Kaur won the title of Femina Miss India Punjab. At that time she had signed an agreement with Santosh Entertainment Studios LLP. Upasana is the owner of this studio. Upasana gave the lead role to Harnaaz for the film ‘Bai Ji Kutangain’.

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Harnaaz’s Ignorance

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu broke her promise after becoming Miss Universe. Upasana Singh has alleged that ‘she has started considering herself as a big star. Have stopped picking up my phone too. I was about to launch my son with the help of this film but Harnaaz’s behavior has caused a lot of damage. The release date from Harnaaz’s film had to be postponed. This was Upasana’s first Punjabi film as a producer. Upasana Singh also said that ‘Harnaaz should not forget where she has come from? She feels that she is made only for Bollywood and Hollywood projects..

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