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New Delhi: A video of Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has surfaced, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media, people definitely make fun of her walk. This time the discussion of Malaika’s move was also seen in Filmfare. Filmfare videos are everywhere on social media these days. In such a situation, a video is making a lot of headlines, in which the show’s host Maniesh Paul was seen copying Malaika Arora’s moves. In this video, the host of the show Maniesh Paul is seen joking with the stars. During this, she is also seen talking to Malaika. Not only this, they are also seen imitating her walk. When Maniesh Paul imitates Malaika’s walk, Malaika herself laughs along with the rest.

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This video has been shared on the page of Filmfare. Malaika Arora is looking very hot in this video. Along with this, the actress has done bo*ld makeup and has made a ponytail in the hairstyle. Malaika Arora is looking stunning in this look. This video of her is being seen repeatedly on social media.

In this video you will see that Maniesh Paul is seen talking to Malaika. While talking, Manish asks Malaika, ‘Have you ever played golf?’ Malaika says no in response. Then Manish tells Malaika that ‘Since when has the golf field been waiting for you. Saying this Manish imitates Malaika’s move. After this Malaika tells Manish- ‘Show it again.’ Manish again imitates Malaika’s move. Seeing this, Malaika and all the stars present around start laughing out loud. Users are sharing and liking this video of the actress a lot. At the same time some people are also commenting.

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