Love Of Kill An Action Romance Anime Coming Soon!

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It is not very often that we get to see the genre of action and mystery entangled with romance, mainly because the manga writers tend to focus more on one genre to bring in their target audience. Moreover, not everyone really likes the merging of the two settings as it sometimes can put the viewers off. However, Love Of Kill is an anime that will surely change everyone’s minds which is all set to premiere this January.

As the name suggests, the plot of the series is revolved around the protagonist Chateau Dankworth, a bounty hunter who is also a direct descendant of one of the noble families from France—forced to abandon her family and be targeted by her very own uncle. Chateau did everything she could to make it on her own, and her unfortunate past events have now turned her into a professional assassin.

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Chateau Dankworth

However, her seemingly deadly but simple life completely takes a turn when on one of her missions, she encounters a mysterious man (also a hitman) who goes by the name of  Son Ryang-ha. The professional hitman Son Ryang-ha then begins stalking her and giving her tad bits of information needed by her all in exchange for a date.

However, as the story progresses, Chateau soon realizes that this man knows a lot about her than she had anticipated, a fact that she doesn’t like. Despite all his good deeds and his saving her countless times, she still can’t bring herself to trust him. Exactly who is Son Ryang-ha, and what does he want with her?

To find the answers to all of these questions, do not forget to watch mangaka Fe’s brilliant work titled Love Of Kill, all set to get its very own anime adaptation scheduled on January 13th, 2022! Also, do not forget to watch the series’ enticing trailer, the link to which is attached below.


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