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Viral video: A Langur was seen sitting with its back to a class full of students at a government school in Jharkhand. The viral video, supposedly filmed in Hazaribagh, shows the monkey attending school while the teacher continued to teach.

Recently a viral video has been doing the rounds of a wild langur attending class with the students of a Jharkhand government school. Animals often surprise us with their unexpected and adorable behaviours. The incident took place at a government school in Jharkhand. The clip was shared on Twitter by user Deepak Mahato and it has accumulated hundreds of views and likes.

In the caption, Mr. Mahato wrote, “In Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh a wild langoor attends a government school along with other students”.

The monkey was seen chilling in the back row while the teacher continued to teach the students. Earlier also many such videos were floating on social media. After this video went viral, a photo of a monkey sitting on the front row of the class also emerged on the internet. It was captioned, “The new student in the school”. To this amusing sight, a Twitter user wrote, ‘Legend says he has cracked NEET and will be joining medical college soon after his Medical and Police clearance’. Another one tweeted, ‘ so well behaved’.

Meanwhile, as per the media reports, the langur regularly visits the school, however, the animal hasn’t hurt or harmed anybody yet. Also, it was reported that the forest department officials chase the langur away from the school but failed to catch it. The video has garnered several views and promoted users’ to express their feelings.

Speaking of monkeys impersonating humans, a while back another video of a group of monkeys using a mobile phone like it is an everyday activity for them also surfaced online. In the clip, the monkeys were seen looking at a smartphone screen and also scrolling through what appeared to be a social media account. The video garnered more than 180,000 views and thousands of likes. While some internet users called the footage “cute,” others simply said that the Monkeys too are addicted to smartphones.

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