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Whether it is the controversies of Hardik Patel’s ‘Aaj Main Karke Aaya’ or the jokes of Alia. This show of Karan Johar has been at the top in creating and destroying anyone’s image.

New Delhi: The show ‘Koffee with Karan’ comes with new gossip every time. Every time something happens in the show, seeing that the fans either get flustered or lash out at Karan Johar. Whether it is the controversies of Hardik Pandya’s ‘Aaj Main Kar Aaya’ or the jokes of Alia Bhatt. This show of Karan Johar has been at the top in creating and destroying anyone’s image. At present, Akshay Kumar and Samantha are also going to come on this page.

On the show of Akshay Kumar and Samantha Karan

In the show’s troller, Akshay Kumar comes carrying Samantha in his arms. Samantha is going to make her debut in Koffee With Karan.

At present, on Akshay’s entry, Karan says that he also wants one Akshay Kumar in his life, so in such a situation, Khiladi Kumar says, what will happen to one, you will need five.

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Akshay Kumar got a partner

When Karan released the promo of this season, the question asked to Samantha’s personal life was going viral. As soon as Karan asked the question on Samantha’s marriage. Samantha says that you are the biggest reason for today’s unhappy marriage. You have raised the expectations of the girls a lot. Hearing this reply from him, Akshay says that I have found my partner.

Said this thing in rapid fire round

In the trailer of this episode, Karan asks Akshay during rapid fire that suppose Hollywood comedian Chris Rock jokes on your wife Tina, what will you do. So Akshay Kumar says preparing for his funeral. This is the same Chris Rock who made a joke on Will Smith’s wife during the Oscars over her illness. After this, Samantha is asked that if you are organizing a bachelor party of a friend of yours, then which two Bollywood actors will you call in it, then Samantha says Ranveer Singh Ranveer Singh.

Akshay and Samantha were seen enjoying a lot during the entire show. Whether it is a lap dance or a couple dance, this episode is going to be very special.

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