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Jaani Accident: The famous lyricist of Punjab, Jaani recently had an accident. Jani was going somewhere with her friend that her car collided and she suddenly overturned.

Jaani Met With Car Accident: Lyricist Jani, who wrote famous Punjabi songs, has had an accident recently. Knowing this news, people are praying for his well being. The news has come out that his car was going at high speed and it overturned. Singer Jaani was sitting at the back with his friend while his driver was driving a Toyota Fortuner. An eyewitness said that the Fortuner was at a very high speed and after a collision with another car driver from behind, the vehicle got out of control with the driver. He was rushed to Fortis Hospital.

Car overturned three times

Regarding the accident of famous lyricist Jani, SHO Sohana Gurjit Singh said that the incident happened at around 6 pm on Tuesday, when the lyricist was going towards his friend and driver Sector-91. When their vehicle reached Sector-88, a person sitting in a Ford Figo car hit the Fortuner from behind. Due to this the driver lost control of the car and the Fortuner overturned three times on the roadside. However, due to this accident, people did not suffer much.

Jani’s injuries

In the investigation about Jani’s car accident, it has come to the fore that the lyricist Jani has suffered injuries on her neck and back, while her friend and driver have also suffered a lot. One of them is also reported to have suffered a spinal cord injury. The driver of the Ford Figo narrowly escaped as the airbag of his car was also opened. SHO Gurjeet said that he has not received any complaint against anyone so far.

Jaani famous songs

Jaani is considered to be the most ruling lyrics writer of Punjab. The song ‘Pachtaoge’ of B Praak and ‘Butterfly’ in the voice of Afsana Khan are well known lyricists who put everyone on their tongue. Apart from this, Jani has written superhit songs like ‘Kisi Aur Ka Hoon Thal’ and ‘Mera Yaar Has Raha Hai Baarish Ki Jaaye’.

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