Janhvi Kapoor’s aunt Srilatha is no less than Sridevi in beauty, old pictures of both sisters are blowing the senses of the fans! – Ajjplay

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Sridevi Sister Srilatha: As long as the famous actress of her era, Sridevi was alive, she kept touching everyone’s heart with her acting. The bubbly on screen and always calm behind the scenes, Sridevi was very close to her sister Sri Latha.

Sridevi Younger Sister Srilatha Photos: In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, if anyone’s magic was spoken in the cinema, then it was Sridevi. Sridevi, who paired with Jeetendra to Anil Kapoor, was a wonderful actress who had more than one hit film in her career. People know a lot about Sridevi’s career but little is known about her personal life. Sridevi married Boney Kapoor and they have two daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. But have you ever met Sridevi’s younger sister Srilatha? Today we will introduce them to you.

Jhanvi’s aunt is no less than Sridevi in ​​beauty

Although Sridevi is not with us today, she died in an accident, but the contribution of Sridevi to Hindi cinema cannot be forgotten. Sridevi, who started acting at the age of 4, worked till her last breath. Sridevi, who worked as a child artist, had to drop out of school at that time, when she used to come on the set and many times her younger sister Srilatha used to accompany her. Sridevi grew up and her beauty started being discussed, but some pictures of that time show that her sister Srilatha was also no less than anyone in beauty.

Even though Srilatha stayed away from the limelight and always avoided appearing in front of the cameras, but Srilatha was as beautiful as Sridevi. It is said that behind this success and stardom of Sridevi, it was Srilatha who always remained with her like a shadow and also gave her all kinds of support. In many of her old interviews, Sridevi had remembered her sister a lot and praised her as well.

Srilatha was broken by the death of Sridevi

It is said that after the death of Sridevi, Srilatha was badly broken. She could not believe that Sridevi was no more. Srilatha is living life away from the limelight with the help of the memories of Sridevi.

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