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Recently Janhvi Kapoor said that no girl comes out of the house with the intention of appearing as a vlogger. But she feels bad when someone calls her a vulgar. Read what Janhvi Kapoor had to say about dress and looking hot.

There will be very few Bollywood actresses who do not like to look hot all the time. These include the name of Janhvi Kapoor. She recently said in an interview that she doesn’t feel pressured to look ‘hot’ all the time. That’s why she has kept her gym look simple. However, she expressed concern about the photograph being taken from a particular angle even in her simple look. Regarding this, this Bollywood lady said that for some reason people see me in the gym or while going to the gym.

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There are some days when she just wants to look comfortable. However, the actress said that one thing that bothers her is that if someone’s picture is taken from a certain angle, it will look vulgar. Janhvi said that if people think that she is looking beautiful or hot, then they do not care, but if someone considers her obscene then it does matter to her.

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Janhvi Kapoor wears clothes according to comfort

Janhvi Kapoor said that no girl comes out of the house with the intention of appearing as a vlogger. Sometimes you are photographed in a certain way, then people look at you that way and question your character. Even if you have not chosen clothes according to your comfort at that time.

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