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Jackie Chan Adventures Season 2 Episodes in Hindi Download

Series Info

Name: Jackie Chan Adventures

Season No: 2

Episodes: 39

Release Year: 2001

Network: Cartoon Network/Hungama TV (India)

Language: Hindi

Quality: 480p

Encoded By: ToonNetworkIndia


Trapped in the Netherworld as a spirit, Shendu comes to reckoning with his brothers and sisters who schedule an eternal torment for the treacherous dragon. Hoping to be spared by his siblings, Shendu promises them freedom in the form of the Pan’ku Box. The Chans battle and seal the eight demon Sorcerers. After his defeat, Shendu is continually tormented by his brethren. Hoping to escape punishment Shendu confides to his siblings of the Book of Ages, an ancient book where all history is magically recorded. Possessing Jackie’s body Shendu travels to Australia and successfully re-writes history into a parallel Demon World.

Other episodes include side quests such as El Chupacabra, Spring Heel Jack etc. and introduces Daolon Wong for Season Three. Three episodes are also placed within the Season One timespan.


Watch – Download Jackie Chan Adventures Season 2 Episodes in Hindi

Watch - Download Jackie Chan Adventures Season 2 Episodes in Hindi

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Episode 3, 34-39 are not available in Hindi, Added in English.









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