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iPhone 14 India: The iPhone 14 was launched globally a few days ago. Let us tell you that you can pre-order (iPhone 14 Pre-Order) this smartphone worth about 80 thousand rupees for less than 55 thousand rupees.

iPhone 14 Pre Order: Apple’s new smartphone series iPhone 14 Series has been launched in India and other countries. This series has not been made available for sale at the moment but they can be pre-ordered in the country. Let us tell you that this time the iPhone 14 Series has been launched at a very low price i.e. the price of its base model is as much as the vanilla model of iPhone 13 and the fans are very happy with this. Apple’s new phone with the latest and tremendous features can be bought cheaply. How and from where you can pre-order iPhone 14 for less than 55 thousand rupees, let’s know everything..

Pre-order iPhone 14 very cheaply

Let us know that from 5:30 pm on September 10, 2022, the iPhone 14 Series has been made available for pre-order and this can be done from many platforms. Out of the four models in the series, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, all three can be pre-ordered and there are many additional offers being offered in the deals.

Buy from this platform for less than 55 thousand rupees

If you want to buy iPhone 14 for less than 55 thousand rupees, then you have to pre-order this smartphone from Flipkart. If you use HDFC Bank’s credit card while pre-ordering the iPhone 14 worth Rs 79,900, then you will get a discount of Rs 5 thousand. Not only this, up to 20 thousand rupees can be saved by ordering it in lieu of the old smartphone and overall, this phone can be bought for Rs 54,900.

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