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iPhone 13 Price Discount Sale: This is a great opportunity to buy iPhone 13 cheaply. A total discount of Rs 30,400 is being given on this. By applying the offer, the iPhone 13 can be bought cheaply. Let’s know about it.

iPhone 13 Price Discount Sale: You already know that this year Apple is going to launch iPhone 14. In such a situation, the price of the current iPhone 13 may have a slight impact. Those people who have been waiting for the upcoming sale on iPhone 13 for a long time, their wait is over now. Actually, there is a chance to buy the iPhone 13 with a discount of up to Rs 30,400. Let us know from where and how you can buy iPhone 13 cheaply.

iPhone 13 is available here cheaply

If you too are planning to buy iPhone 13, then you have a special chance. Imagine Apple Premium Reseller is getting the iPhone 13 cheap at the store. The 128GB storage variant of iPhone 13 is available with price discount, bank discount and exchange offer. Under these offers, the price of iPhone 13 can be significantly reduced.

iPhone 13 Discount Offers

The 128GB storage variant of the iPhone 13 is available with a price discount of Rs 8,400. Bank offers are also being given on this phone. Under this, if you use HDFC Bank card, then you can save up to Rs 4,000. Under both the offers, you can get a total discount benefit of Rs 12,400 on the purchase of iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Exchange Offer

An exchange offer is also being given on the iPhone 13, after which the price of the phone can be significantly reduced. An exchange offer of Rs 19,000 is being given on this. For this, you have to change the old and latest model phone. If you apply this offer successfully, then you can save another Rs 19,000. After applying the bank and exchange offers, you can buy the iPhone 13 at a discount of Rs 30,400.

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