Inside Sara Evans, The Country Music Singer’s Divorce And Her Husband’s arrest.

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Jay Baker tried to run over her wife, Sara Evans, for which he was arrested, and his arrest has brought into the light the mess of their marriage. It has been known that Sara had filed for her divorce in August 2021, which couldn’t be completed due to the absence of Mr. Baker in the hearings. Let’s see some details about The Country Music Singer’s Divorce And Her Husband’s arrest.

Sara Evans

Jay Baker’s arrest and his divorce from Sara Evans have become quite the talk of the town online post his recent attempt to hit her. Sara Evans had filed the divorce back in 2021, but it caught our notice only after this strange incident on the 15th of January 2022. The Victim and witnesses claimed that Baker Intentionally tried to run over Evans. They have been married for over 13 years, but they have been living separately for the past three months despite being married.

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Sara Evans and Jay Baker Marriage

Sara Evans

Sara Evans and Jay Baker tied knots back in 2008. They then were going through their respective divorces and were trying to make the mess in their respective marriages settled when Sara’s Marital Counselor introduced her to Baker. The two truly adored each other over the years their relationship lasted. We have been seeing them speak about their love, children almost now and then!

All of us have been wondering the reason that drifted them so apart, all of a sudden.

Jay Baker Has Been Arrested

The couple has been making headlines recently after the arrest of Jay Baker, who was charged for an incident that took place in Nashville. Allegations were made on him for intentionally trying to run over Evans. After she filed the complaint, it also drew our focus to the petition of divorce filed by Evans in August 2021, thus indicating that there were already issues and unrest in their marriage.

Sara Evans’ Allegations On Husband Jay baker

Sara Evans
Sara With Her Teenage Daughters.

A new agency has taken over the divorce documents and is obtaining the information. It has been found that Sara Evans has mentioned inappropriate Marital Conduct and irreconcilable differences as the reasons for her wanting a divorce. She has said how these reasons have made it impossible for her marriage to survive. However, Jay has not been showing up in any of the proceedings, nor has he filled up the divorce, which is why the delay is happening! In the last month, Evans has asked the Nashville Judge if she could be granted the divorce on the terms of their Antenuptial Agreement that they signed at the time of their marriage. Sara’s request is yet to get a final date for hearings!

The Incident

Jay Baker, Sara Evans’ Husband, was arrested on the 15th of January, 2022, after violence. It was 01:30 AM when Sara left a party and was seated at the passenger’s seat in her friends’ car when she spotted Jay racing his vehicle, attempting to hit them at high speed.

However, Jay failed to hit them; after Jay drove away, the Country singer called the police. The Police Officers questioned him and held him for 12 hours for domestic violence. He was released the same day, in the evening, on a $10,000 bond.

The dates for the hearing of their case have been scheduled for March 2022 as of now.

We will keep you updated in case of any news that adds on! Keep coming for more!

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