Huma Qureshi broke all the limits of bo*ldness for the photoshoot, opened the buttons of the shirt and flaunted the bralette – informalnewz

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Huma Qureshi is becoming more bo*ld every day. Often her sizzling avatar goes viral on social media. This time the actress has broken all limits of bo*ldness with her style.

New Delhi: Whenever actress Huma Qureshi comes on screen, people keep watching her. One of the reasons for this is that she completely embodies herself in each of her characters. Huma has always been very bo*ld and bo*ld about her roles. Her impetuosity is often seen in her looks as well. With time, the actress has become quite bo*ld.

Huma difficult to take her eyes off Huma Qureshi’s photoshoot

While Huma is being offered new projects one after the other, she has also started staying connected with her fans through social media. In such a situation, a new avatar of the actress is seen almost every other day. Now again she has shared a glimpse of the latest photoshoot. This time she has broken all limits of bo*ldness with her sizzling look. It has also become difficult to take my eyes off Huma in the red outfit.

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Huma Qureshi added a touch of bo*ldness

In the latest photos, Huma is seen wearing a red silk silk high slit skirt and long shirt. With this, she has carried a matching bralette. Huma has flaunted a bralette look by opening all the buttons of the shirt to add a touch of bo*ldness in this avatar.

Here she has given one to one pose in front of the camera, showing her avatar. This look of Huma is also surprising some people. At the same time, everyone is also liking them very much.

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Huma Qureshi is looking very hot

Huma has kept red lipstick and nude makeup to complete her look. During this, she has made a hair ponytail. The actress is wearing seven gold to layered chains. Huma is looking very hot in this look. Fans are no longer tired of praising her. Within a few minutes, thousands of likes have come on her photos.

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Huma will be seen in these films

Looking at Huma’s work front, she has many films in the queue at this time. Soon she will be seen in films titled ‘Monica, O My Darling’, ‘Double XL’, ‘Tarla’ and ‘Pooja Meri Jaan’. A new and different avatar of Huma is going to be seen in every film.

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