Groom wore Jaimala to his sister-in-law, the bride kept beating her head – watch video – informalnewz

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Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: In this video you can see how a drunken groom puts everyone to shame in Jaimala. The bride could not even believe what happened in front of her eyes.

Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: It is impossible to even guess about when it will become viral in the internet world. Some of these videos are such that the number of times they are watched does not fill the mind. But there are some videos which, on seeing them, feel like forgetting. A wedding video related to this has surfaced on social media. In this, the groom reaches Jaimala Ceremony in some way but there he goes after playing. By not putting a jaimala around the bride’s neck, she garlands her sister-in-law.

Groom’s strange act

In this video related to marriage, you will see that the groom drinks alcohol in his own marriage. Somehow he is brought in Jayamala Ceremony. He doesn’t seem to be conscious at all. After a few seconds, the bride first wears him a jaimala and then it is the groom’s turn. As soon as Jaimala comes in his hand, he wears the sister-in-law instead of the bride. Everyone gets annoyed by this strange act of his.

Watch this video:

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Stunned bride

The bride does not believe at all on this action of her groom and she remains completely stunned. However, seeing the video, it is clear that this is not a true incident but has been created for the purpose of entertainment of the people. Social media users are not liking the groom’s acting at all and are giving their reactions in the comment box.

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