Groom kept talking to another woman, the man came from behind and filled the bride maang

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Funny Video: More than one funny video goes viral on social media. Nowadays a very funny video is going viral in which the groom is busy talking to someone else, in which another boy comes and fills the demand of the bride and gets confused about him.

Wedding Video: Many types of videos are seen on social media. Some videos teach people something and some make them emotional. At the same time, there are some such videos which make us laugh and laugh after seeing it. Nowadays one such video is becoming fiercely viral, after watching which you too will not be able to stop your laughter. This video is of a wedding ceremony in which a man, seeing the groom busy in talking with someone else, strikes the spot and runs away with the bride. Not only this, before escaping the bride, that person also applies vermilion to her.

Another person filled the demand of bride 5 times

In the viral video you can see that the wedding ceremony is going on. The bride and groom are sitting on the stage. The age of the groom seems to be very high, while the age of the bride is less. The bride is quietly holding her head down. At the same time, the groom is talking to a woman standing next to him. During this, something happens that will leave you laughing. Actually, when the groom is busy talking to another woman, only then a person climbs from behind the stage towards the bride. The man is holding vermilion in his hand. He stands behind the chair of the bride and starts applying vermilion to her from behind. The man fills the demand of the bride 5 times. The shocking thing is that during this time the groom does not even see all this happening.

The other person took away the bride

In the video, you can further see that after applying vermilion to the bride, the man holds her hand and signals her to walk. It seems even the bride knows the person, she too gets up and both of them quietly abscond from behind the stage. This video is quite funny to watch. Users are going crazy after seeing this.

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People liking the video

This video has been shared on Instagram with the name of shitty.humours. The caption has been written on this – ‘Chuck on the spot’. This video is becoming very viral. More than 1 lakh people have watched this funny video so far. At the same time, more than 11 thousand people have also liked the video. Netizens are commenting fiercely on this video.

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