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Bride Groom Video: The groom had to be embarrassed in front of everyone on the wedding stage. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which the groom failed to garland the bride even after several attempts.

Bride Groom Video: The video of the bride and groom is often shadowed on social media. There is often something that happens in marriage, which makes everyone laugh. Such views attract everyone’s attention. Have you ever heard or seen that on the stage of marriage, a groom repeatedly tries to garland the bride and he fails.

The bridegroom was embarrassed in the crowded gathering

The one whose Jaimal ceremony was held, he had to be embarrassed in front of everyone. Well what happened and how did it happen? Actually, a video of a wedding has been overshadowed on social media these days, seeing this video everyone is laughing. The groom himself became a laughing stock in his own marriage. You should watch this video first to understand the whole thing..

Watch the video

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The video is so funny that no one can stop their laughter. Both the bride and groom were standing on the stage for their Jaimala ceremony. The groom was seen in a different mood. There was no enthusiasm for marriage on his face. When he tried to garland the bride for the first time, he got stuck on the bride’s head. The groom did not give up, he tried to garland the bride again, seeing what happened the second time, everyone present in the gathering started laughing loudly.

For the second time, Jaimala did not stop at the bride’s neck, she slid to the ground. Everyone was surprised to see this failure of the groom.

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