Groom did something like this while fulfilling the demand, the bride and the family members sitting on the mandap blushed – informalnewz

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Groom Wedding: A video about the wedding is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which is being liked by the audience very much and is making different types of comments in the comment box.

Groom Wedding Viral Video: The moment of marriage of any person is very special for him. Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable. For this, some people make good decorations, while some create an atmosphere with good dance. Sometimes some wedding videos that go viral are very funny. Somewhere in a video the groom falls from the stage and somewhere the whole stage collapses. Such videos are very much liked by social media users. This time the video that we are talking about is not funny, but it is cute, which is being liked by the audience very much.

New way people are coming

There are many ways to make the wedding moment spectacular and memorable, such as the royal entry of the bride and groom and the reception of the processions, people try many such things, but seeing this couple, you will also say that all these methods are out of date. . In this video that is going viral on social media, you will see that when Pandit ji called the groom ahead to fill the demand, then the groom does something that both the brideโ€™s mother and the bride standing in the pavilion blush.

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The groom tried this method

When the groom moves forward while filling the demand, he kisses the brideโ€™s demand first, then fills the brideโ€™s demand. The bride is normal at first, but later blushes. The brideโ€™s mother standing in the pavilion also starts smiling seeing the groom doing this. This wedding video is now becoming increasingly viral on social media and it is being well-liked. Social media users are praising both of them fiercely. In the comment, a social media user wrote that how romantic the groom Raja is.

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