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The Google Play Store is now 10 years old. To celebrate the occasion, the company is distributing gifts to the customers. The company is giving Play Points and Play Credits to its users as a gift.

The Google Play Store, the platform from which you download new apps for your Android device, is now 10 years old. To celebrate the occasion, the company is distributing gifts to the customers. In fact, recently, Google has celebrated the 10th anniversary of Google Play Store by revamping the logo of the Play Store. As a gift to its users, the company offered Play Points and Play Credits for purchasing the app. Users need to activate Points Rewards to get better offers on their purchases.

Indians getting Play Credits

It is worth noting that Google is not giving Play Points rewards in India. Instead, the company is offering Play Credits in the country. However, the Play Credit policy works just like Play Points. Both are used to purchase apps, games and in-app items. These rewards will be valid for one day allowing users to enjoy their purchases on Play Store.

Credit points can be used like this

Google has thanked its users of the Play Store and its developers for staying connected for over 10 years. Google Play Store points can be used to earn discount coupons. More of these points means more coupons. These points can be earned by interacting with the app. Downloading any app, making in-app purchases, or downloading items within the app will earn Play Points. Boosters will help you earn more points for every activity and these points can be exchanged for higher denomination discount coupons.

It was launched on Android 1.0

The company created the Play Store as the Android market. It was launched on Android 1.0. Over time, the Play Store has evolved over the years adding many features for officially purchasing and downloading applications. Google Play Store has come a long way to become an online store for buying music, movies, books and other services. The tech giant recently said that its new logo matches the brand image of other Google helping services such as Google Search, Google Photos, Gmail, Translator and Assistant.

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