Goblin Slayer Chapter 67: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoiler Leaks, And More.

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To keep the thrill and excitement of Goblin Slayer fans well in place, Chapter 67 will come out very soon, following the release of the chapters before, which have now made the fans anticipate the continuation of the series. Check for Goblin Slayer Chapter 67: Release Date, Raw Scans, And More below.

About the Manga:

Goblin Slayer, a Japanese Dark Fantasy illustrated by Noburu Kannatsuki, is based on a light novel series written by Kumo Kagyu. SoftBank Creative has been publishing it since February 15, 2016. Kosuke Kurose has also made it into a manga, and it has been published under Square Enix since May 25, 2016. Yen Press publishes both light novels and manga in English.

Goblin Slayer Chapter 67

This manga highlights the adventures of a young, inexperienced princess who lands in danger soon after the start as her first contract with Goblins goes wrong. Almost all of her party gets wiped out or is drawn out of commission, but we now see a man coming to her rescue, an adventurer aiming to eliminate and kill as many goblins as he can, in almost all the ways possible. He, true to his motives, is known as The Goblin Slayer. Soon the gossip of his accomplishments and triumph begin to circulate, and now it is close to impossible to know who might come up calling him for next…!

Goblin Slayer Chapter 67: Release Date, Raw Scans, And More:

Release date

Serialized in the monthly released magazines, Monthly Big Gangan Magazine, The Goblin Slayer Manga releases a new chapter on the 25th of every month. Chapter 66 was released on December 25, concluding that Goblin Slayer Chapter 67 releases at midnight JST on January 25, 2022.

Goblin Slayer Chapter 67

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Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Leaks

Status: Unavailable as of now.                                                                            Expected around:23 January 2022

As per the observations from previous chapters, raw scans typically start coming up around 3-4 days prior to the official release date. You can look for these upon online portals like Reddit and 4chan.

Where can you read Chapter 67 online?

The current three official ways to read the newest chapters of goblin slayer manga :

If you find it harder to hold the excitement and are eager to know what happens next, you may want to check for the light novel this is based on. You will need to buy it on the Yen Press site.

Wrapping up this article, we hope to see you soon again with the recent updates.

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